Tuesday, August 13, 2013

iPhone 5C Price Pegged at $300, May Replace iPhone 4S, Drop Siri

Apple could announce the cheaper iPhone 5C at a special event in September, where one analyst believes Apple will use the deice to replace the iPhone 4S as a free on contract option. The note also claims the iPhone 5C could limit software features.
The iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C are both likely to arrive at a special event on September 10th, and there is much speculation about how a cheaper plastic iPhone 5C could fit into an Apple product lineup.
The note to investors also speculates on the iPhone 5C price, which could come in at a sub-$300 price according to Gene Munster.
An iPHone 5C photo leaked by Sonny Dickson shows a possible look for the new budget iPhone.
An iPhone 5C photo leaked by Sonny Dickson shows a possible look for the new budget iPhone.
In a note to investors published on Apple Insider, Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster shares his thoughts on the rumored iPhone 5C, which is the name expected for Apple’s plastic iPhone which could arrive with a cheaper price.

Munster estimates the iPhone 5C price could arrive as low as $300 off contract. This would make the iPhone 5C the cheapest iPhone in Apple’s lineup and it could replace the iPhone 4S as a free iPhone on U.S. carriers. This comes on the heels of rumors the iPhone 5C would replace the iPhone 5 when Apple announces the iPhone 5S.
Photo of an iPhone 5S mockup shows a new camera look vs. the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5C.
Photo of an iPhone 5S mockup shows a new camera look vs. the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5C.

It would make more sense that Apple would replace the iPhone 4S with the iPhone 5C, as it would likely put all of the iPhones on a 4-inch display and Lightning connector.
Munster believes Apple will limit features of the iPhone 5C, specifically claiming Apple will not include Siri on the iPhone 5C. Apple requires an Apple A5 processor for Siri, which could be part of the reason, but it would be a surprise to see a processor lower than an Apple A5 inside a iPhone 5C as it would also likely limit AirPlay abilities.
Many leaked photos appear to show an iPhone 5C with a plastic design and a multitude of colors. The video below shows what could be the back of the iPhone 5C, leaked from the Apple supply chain.

We expect to see the iPhone 5C at an iPhone launch event on September 10th.


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